Real Time Tickets/Work Orders & Scheduling
Field Service Companies face the ongoing challenge of servicing customers on time.  ManageworX will provide your company with a complete solution for your work order scheduling and calendar.  Account managers and technicians are able to open and close tickets in real time. Invoice customers while out in the field or from the main office. Keep an activity log per customer and create events for cases that need special attention.

Define Territories, Routes, Maps & Directions
Another major challenge for Field Service Companies is dispatching.  Coordinating the schedule of the tickets/work orders with available technicians assigned to specific territories can be very time consuming and result in missed appointments and/or overlapping territory conflicts between technicians.  With ManageworX, you can create unlimited territories by zip code groups and assign territories to account managers and/or technicians. Multi-territory management and control per technician.  Create and assign sales tax rates to multi-counties and assign them to territories. Build predefined routes based on technician’s territories and assign the routes per technician.  Print maps and directions per ticket/work order, per technician.  US zip codes and Canadian postal codes included with state and province look up.  Province sales tax included for Canada.

Call Center Management
Account Manager – ManageworX will give your company the option to assign territories/technicians to one or more account managers.  Account Managers will only be able to view territories/technicians assigned to them. On the main page, with just one look Account Managers will be able to see; Open Tickets, Estimates, Open Invoices, Unpaid Invoices and Follows.
Help Desk – Built in functionality for customer service to better serve and assist customers.
Sales – Powerful sales tools including CRM functionality including: Reminders, Follow-ups, Recorded Logs Trail. Multi-location sales force capable with multi-call centers.

Franchise Control
ManageworX will serve franchisors and help them to track Franchisees leads, customers, sales, invoices, tickets, financials and more.  Franchisors will be able to analyze Franchisee’s performance as well as individual technicians. Unlimited Franchise growth potential with total control for Franchisors.

Financial, Sales, Operations, Reports
Turn your planning into a strategic Success and growth with ManageworX your sales, marketing, operations and planning is easy and fast. Your financial is in Control and Strategic goals across your organization is in the yip of your hand.

Parts & Inventory, Cost and Invoicing
Unlimited parts creation for an industry by item, size, color, availability, drop ship, taxable/non-taxable.  Multi-vendor per item, Stock management, purchase orders from main office, repair order from main office, order parts from multi-vendors.  Tracking and delivery per item, per vendor.

Cloud Environment – Mobile Access, Web Based
Allowing the corporate access to ManageworX data from anywhere in the world and from mobile devices. ManageworX Managed your software (Cloud Computing) – hosted mobile device access and security management, we designed technology and ongoing support to make ManageworX Software to be virtually and “turn-key”.As your employees become increasingly mobile, there is a greater demand for remote access to corporate data from personal,  corporate, mobile and phones. Such access improve employee productivity,