About Us

ManageworX is the premier Customer Service and Operations Software, designed for Service Based Companies that are growing or want to grow into a Franchise.  We are the world’s most efficient CRM, Sales, Management and Ticketing software.   We work closely with our clients, not only to train your company and staff, but also to develop any customization needed for your specific industry or personal requirements. With over 20 years of experience in Software Programming and Database Management we maintain our standard at the highest level in technology and service.   As innovators in the latest software development, we are able to service small, medium and large companies. Our system is not only current and on the cutting edge, but we are innovators in design and concepts, that give our clients the leverage to propel the growth of their company.   Our Team consists of Developers, Sales and Support who’s every effort goes towards the success of our clients. ManageworX falls under the corporate umbrella of GINGON Solutions, Inc.